Our Services


Prratha Weddings is a well-established Wedding Décor and management company based out of Bangalore. We provide a host of services that ensure our clients feel unburdened and feel like guests themselves.


As wedding planners and décor specialists, we offer bespoke services of just wedding decoration as well as a complete wedding planning package. All of our Services are enumerated as follows: 


Selecting a venue signals the beginning of planning a wedding.As one of the best wedding planners in Bangalore, Prratha Weddings are empanelled in all the top Wedding Venues in Bangalore and have worked with various wedding locations in destinations like Goa, Kerala, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Thailand, Bali etc. We believe to plan a perfect wedding one needs to have a perfect Venue. Our teams of experts ensure you get the best venue based on

o    Budget

o    The capacity of the Venue 

o    Type- Indoor & Outdoor 

o    Accommodation & Amenities.


Since we handle our own Wedding Production, Décor is our forte, and we take great pride in bringing it to life and action through our creativity. Weddings to us are nothing short of a fairy-tale with each story being unique. It's a story of two beautiful families that are narrated by Wedding Décor and we believe in making it happen with breath-taking colours of celebration. We offer the following services.

o    Floral Décor 

o    LED Sangeet Decor

o    Thematic Weddings Décor

o    Lighting & Sound

o    Bespoke Wedding Furniture


This is the most crucial part of the whole wedding. And the hallmark of the top wedding planners is to educate their clients on successfully allocating the budgets. Each wedding has to run with a budget and most clients are often clueless while allocating funds for each service. We help our clients prioritize their expenses on their preferences and help to hire suitable vendors as per their requirements.

Another important feature of our Budgeting Service is that it effectively eliminates unnecessary expenditure on part of our clients who generally are unaware of the prevailing market rates for wedding vendors.


Photography is a very crucial aspect of a wedding as they serve as a visual memory to all the celebrations and happiness one experiences at a wedding. Photography is equally an art as it is a science. Keeping that in mind, we carefully select and work with selected individuals and production companies who are equally passionate about weddings and narrate our story through their lenses.


Catering is by far the most important service on offer from Prratha as we know the one biggest takeaway for all the guests is "FOOD". It creates an immediate impact at any wedding, reminding them for months and years to come. We offer the best service the Wedding Catering industry can offer.

o    Hiring the best Caterers in the industry

o    Help the clients in budgeting

o    Hire the best food connoisseurs and consultants of the industry to craft very unique menus

o    Choosing the best cutlery, table linens, and silverware


We always believe that small things matter and these make a lot of difference to our events. Some of the other noteworthy mentions which elevate the entire wedding are:

o    Make-up Artists- We have some of the most talented makeup artists.

o    Bridal packages- Make-up packages for the guests 

o    Mehendi Artists- We also work with some Exquisite  and Celebrity Mehendi Artists who cater to both the Brides and                guests

o    Choreographers- Top of the line Choreographers who ensure you dance like a pro on the stage and amuse the crowd. 


Often, our clients want to impress upon their guests by hiring artists and entertainers who showcase the best of their talent to add glitz and glamour to the event while also bringing a unique experience for the wedding guests. Some of the entertainment options on offer are

o    DJ

o    Celebrity Management

o    Emcee

o    Dancers & Choreographers

o    Musical Artists

o    Dhol

o    Stand-up Comedians etc


With our vast experience in working at different venues and different places, we have come to realize that in order to plan a successful wedding, we need to keep in mind a lot of things that we need to follow norms that as applicable as per law. As we know that often our clients are not aware of the rules and regulations required to follow to host events, we guide them so that there are no unwanted surprises and last-minute shocks. Some of the many services we offer in this regard are

o    PPL Licensing

o    IPRS Licensing

o    NOVEX Licensing

o    ISRA Licensing

o    Police Permissions

o    Excise Permits

o    Beach license permit (In Case of Goa)


We truly believe that creating the first impression is the best impression and what better than showcasing it the minute the guests arrive and we pride in calling ourselves experts at crafting such impressions. We have empaneled the top service providers in the industry who will ensure that your guests feel royalty. We ensure

o    Customized pick-up and drop from/to airport and railway station

o    Bespoke car hampers

o    In-Venue Welcome Desk

o    Customized Car and room Hampers

o    Shadows Services


We partner with some of the best talent in the Wedding Industry to provide visually creative and engaging Wedding Contents. Some of the services provided by us are:

o    Wedding Invitations

o    Interactive Wedding Video Invitations

o    Online wedding Video Streaming

o    Wedding Stationary like Welcome Cards, Thank You Cards etc.