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No Boundaries- Weddings that defied all norms

India is a vast country with population of over 130 crores. The country sees over 1 crore weddings per year with the numbers only increasing. Each wedding is unique, it’s an amalgamation of Souls, Families, Castes and cultures.

The dynamics of weddings have changed over the years. Arranged marriages, which were the unwritten norm are slowly changing into love marriages. For long matters would be settled by the elders within the families. Getting married within the “caste” was something that was considered most important. Not saying that these don’t occur anymore. In fact more than 90% of the weddings are still arranged marriages.

However, the uniqueness grows exponentially in the 10% of weddings that are solemnized. These are the special ones as they are not decided by the families but by two individuals who are eternally bound by love. This is a rare occurrence in our country and even more rare when the Love Marriages are between to individuals belonging to different castes.

Love marriages are a difficult path to thread. The fear of rejections from the family to the fear of being accepted by others. The unknowns often outweigh the known. We have planned plenty of Love Marriages. But the best ones are the marriages which challenge the very fabric of the Society. We bring to you 2 such best weddings that made us realize why love always wins and we are in the right profession to complete the circle.


Pyaar ka daur in Indore

One of the most talked about cross cultural weddings on the internet- Faiz Rehman and Ankita Agarwal both alumni from the prestigious Indian Institute of Business Management Indore got married in the silent shores of a quaint beach front hotel in South Goa.

The beautiful Bride walking up to her dreamy wedding

This wedding is one of the best ever planned by Prratha Weddings as it showed us that love has no language and beyond any barriers. This wonderful couple are so mad about each other that they married each other not once, not twice but 4 times and years later it is still heartening to see the same intensity as before. Their love story is nothing short of a super hit Bollywood Script and still evokes the warm emotions even today.

Classy wedding by the beach

Faiz comes from a very forward-thinking Muslim family while Ankita belonged to a traditional Marwari Agarwal family and it seemed like a very difficult proposition right from the beginning, however true love always finds way and so did Faiz and Ankita :). When we were approached to plan the wedding, we were told that Faiz and Ankita were already married; once at a temple and the next day at a court for their court marriage to make it official and wanted to celebrate their union with their very near and dear ones.

50 best friends of the couple flew in from all over the world to Goa and thus began the wedding madness. The couple spared no expense in their celebrations, be it with wedding decor, entertainment, food & alcohol, everything was top notch and something to remember for a long long time.

The celebration was spread across two days with the Mehendi followed by a beautiful intimate Nikaah. Every second of the entire sequence was as eventful as a movie. With the Qazi performing a simple Nikaah the bride showed her displeasure and made sure the Qazi made them say “Qubool Hai” during the ceremony :)

Tumse shaadi zindagi bhar qubool hai

The evening party was a glitzy Goan Masquerade theme and the couple rocked the evening and how! With one of Goa’s best DJ Spinning the decks, it was an evening to remember for a long time to come.

The following day was the grand finale. A WEDDING ON THE BEACH! With the mood set for the ceremony, the bride and groom decided to have their own wacky entry to the wedding mandap. Flanked by her best friends, the beautiful bride strode into the beach towards the alter to a peppy Bollywood number while the groom rode a vintage scooter to show his filmy side. We can still remember those beautiful faces when they looked at each other with deep love in their eyes and took 7 steps towards sealing their love eternally.

The Happily ever after!

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