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And then there was the beginning!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Have you ever had this feeling when you hit a dead end in your 9-6 job (Well in our case it was a 12 PM to 3 AM job)? Working with an Investment Bank sucks the daylights out of you and being at Goldman was no different and working in the same atmosphere for over 6 years didn’t make matters easy! If it wasn’t for my co-worker turned Business partner cum Life partner, I would still be working in my 15 hour shift! How you may ask?

Well you see, out of nowhere he was bitten by the “Entrepreneurial Bug” to start something of his own. He quit his successful career in pursuit of becoming a restaurateur. Now, left alone and sulking I decided to follow suit and sat to evaluate what I was good at! This is where I hit my EUREKA moment! 🙂 How about becoming a Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planner? How and why one might ask! Let’s rewind a bit. Back in the days, more like 2004, when I was still a College Student pursuing my BCom at Mount Carmel College Bangalore, I was helping organize Sangeets and Mehendi functions in my social circle. Being artistically inclined, dance and music were always my areas of interest! Little did I know that 3 years of being a Hobbyist Wedding Planner would influence my life which I lead today.

Wedding Planning is a rewarding but challenging career. You need the right kind of people working with/for you to make it a successful endeavor. As I fervently prayed to god to help me find the right person for Prratha Weddings, along came Viveck who announced that his plans to open a restaurant fell flat like a bird dropping on a bald head. He didn’t have a plan but I did. 😉

This is the story of Prratha Weddings and Events. Prratha is now a healthy growing baby, nurtured by Vivek and myself. We look forward to create happiness, we look forward to create long lasting bonds! 



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